WoW Classic Beta is Now Live


Beta has started for WoW Classic. Remember: Accounts are being flagged for Classic. There are no keys at this moment.
We'll be streaming periodically over the next few days!


Classic Wowhead Development So Far
We here are Wowhead are thrilled to develop the best WoW Classic resource, with all the tools and content you’ve come to expect from the BFA version of the site. We launched Classic Wowhead for the BlizzCon 2018 demo and have steadily been adding features and data improvements to it ever since. We look forward to improving the site even more with accurate details on NPCs, Quests, Zones, and other parts of the database.
Our Classic Guides section is well underway, with over 100 written guides submitted! Anyone can write a new guide by clicking here.
Here’s a recap of some of our Classic updates since November:
Talent Calculator: Wowhead started off as a humble talent calculator and now we're back with how it all started. Fill in your talent points across the three trees, and share your build by simply linking the URL.
Classic Model Viewer: You can't change your character's appearance or race in Classic WoW, so going with the perfect look is important on the first try. With the Classic Dressing Room, preview characters using their original models in any available armor and weapons. Through the years, Blizzard has updated many low-resolution models such as the Prairie Dog--but they are back in their blocky glory on our Classic site. Simply open up View 3D on any NPC page to see the original models.
Classic Database: Our database sections for items and spells are now live! You can browse these databases to learn more about items, such as the stats and proc on Thunderfury, as well as spells, such as all related ranks for Class Abilities and when you can unlock and train them. We’ve also updated the wiki sections on all database articles to contain only Classic information.
Tooltips: Classic Wowhead tooltips are now available for 3rd-party sites to use and we continually update them with feature requests from the community.
Classic Comments: We’ve brought back all the original comments from Thottbot and Allakhazam--several hundred thousand in total!
Thottbot Visual Theme: We love Classic WoW so much, we created a Thottbot skin for the site! Log in to change the site from black/red to white/blue.
Discord Webhook: Similar to our regular news webhook, installed in over 13,000 servers, we’ve launched a webhook dedicated to Classic news.


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