We love WoW Classic because it is awful and strange

I can’t get over how much I love WoW Classic not despite its warts , but because of them . I love
WoW Classic entirely because it preserves — like that proverbial insect in amber — every single
thing that was weird, awful, or confusing about the original game.
It has gotten to the point where players who were not there are actually making bug report about
things that are,in fact,intended.Is it schadenfreude?No,not really,because I’m not taking pleasure
in someone being unhappy, but rather I’m happy because you get to finally see what we were all
talking about when we said you didn’t really want to do this.
I’ve never been happier to be wrong in my life , because my being wrong means I get  to be right
even harder.
The old days of WoW were weird
Let’s take a look at just the current list of reported things , that are not bugs , but modern players
think are bugs.
I played a Tauren as  my main from late 2006 to 2009 or so ,and then switched between him and 
my Alliance character pretty regularly up until Mist of Pandara finally ruined playing Horde for me.
I remember that hit box issue vividly—it made tank swap fights with anyone who wasn’t a Tauren
brutal,especially fights where the two tank had to share a debuff like the bear boss in the original
I saw so many Paladins die trying to tank with me since they’d  be up at their hitbox range,and I’d
be back at mine,and so they end  up taking all of the swipe damage and die.Over and over again.
That was just the way the game worked back then.
The past had sharp edges
Getting crit while sitting down didn’t  activate abilities that supposedly activate when crit, respawn
rates were utter garbage, quest givers displayed weirdly —all of this and more are things I’m sure
player will encounter in the next few weeks.But they aren’t bugs.That was just how the game was
back when it first came out.
Remember, WoW in its original iteration hadn’t gone through fifteen years of active play.The game
we have today has been  polished smooth by millions and millions of players who came , played it,
loved it, and eventually left it,like a rock in a riverbed being worn down by the flow of the river. The
game you’re getting in WoW Classic?That rock just crashed into the river and is still sticking up,all
weird angles and broken sections.
Now,I love World of Warcraft and I have loved it since 2004 when  was first introduced to it.I would
have loved the game so much for so long if it didn’t grab me back then. I remember being shocked 
at how immersive the game was.
Here’s a dirty little secret:the game was even weirder and had even more strange artifacts in 2004
than it did in 2006 when patch1.12—the patch WoW Classic's built on—came out.Just ask anyone
who played  Paladin at launch how weird the seals and  judgments were , and how much they got
changed almost immediately after, nerfing the class significantly .You are getting a version of early 
WoW that benefit from two years of game development and has been significantly improved in that 
time .And it still has weird things in it like absolutely no map help at all in finding quest objectives.  
Time wears down the sharpest stone
I would be lying if I said my enjoyment of WoW  Classic is in any way related to  watching  people
experience this.Quite frankly, I’m shocked at how much I’ve loved just running around as a level 3
Tauren with no heirlooms, exploring a world I haven’t seen since the Cataclysmexpansion.
It’s nostalgic , yes , but it is also a different game than I remember . It’s a far more open world that
rewards exploration and frankly , in some ways, is a lot better than I remember it. My problem was
that I was hyper aware of all the weirdness  and oddity of those old days , precisely because I was
embroiled in argument with people who argued for classic servers in bad faith.People who dismiss
these issues, who argued that I was overstating or even inventing them. Well, here we are in 2019,
and I’m simultaneously wrong and right. I’m wrong because WoW Classic is far more enjoyable as
a game than I expected it to be , and I’m right because every single issue . I said would be there is
there and people are confused and put off by them as I said they would be.
But Wow Classic is more than these issues. It’s more than these not-bugs (far, far more) . It’s more
than the nostalgia trip. It’s fun.
Despite all the grinding, all the grouping,all the quests you won’t be able to do solo, all the dungeon
you’ll run without any form of group finder, all the raids that will need 39 other people to run , it’s still
a  broad , expansive , amazing world to get lost in . It is still that first time you take a boat across the
ocean or see blimp coming in to Thunder Bluff.It’s still this great big place you never really expected
to get to see. It’s still Azeroth, with all its mysteries in its future. It’s a lot of fun, warts and all.When it
comes out, I expect I’ll have a few low key alts I’ll noodle around on when I’m in the mood to see the
old homestead again.
This really was the best MMORPG ever.And it still kind of is.Even if every bear aggro  when you skin
a bear.

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