Tips for creating a great guild in WoW Classic even though everyone you know is broke
The guild creation buttons have not evolved much from the day I stood with my cofounder in the
square in Gold shire nearly fifteen years  ago and paid people the  phenomenal sum of 1 gold to 
sign our guild charter.The creation steps are straightforward themselves,but there  are difference 
to how guilds are created and operate between Battle for Azeroth and WoW Classic.With Classic 
on the horizon, here are some tips to get the most out of guild creation.
If you joined World of Warcraft after Cataclysm , Orgrimmar will not look anything like you know it.
If you’re standing at the front gate, you need to turn left and go up a small rise to the guild master.
Everyone else is in their usual spots .You can always ask a guard for the guild master and get the
little red flag on your mini map showing their location.
Expect to be broke
Wow! Ten silver is all it costs to buy a charter? This is cheap — until you make it into a capital city
with 1 silver 37 copper and you have to train your abilities. If you don’t cook, you have to buy food.
You have to repair. All of this takes money, and questing and killing mobs just doesn’t produce the
amount of cash you’re used to in Battle for Azerot .Expect your guild charter to be tantalizingly out 
of reach for the first few weeks.
What should you do? Band together with friends and each chip in towards the charter .If you are a 
current guild going to make guild in WoW Classic,get as many people as possible to chip in money
towards that charter.
It will still take time to accumulate that ten silver but people will not  feel they can’t train or buy food
because they have to make the guild . Guild creation is secondary to player needs at the beginning.
In the meantime , you may want to create a custom chat channel . Just type /join [channel name] in
your chat window  —  maybe / join baconators if your guild is the Baconators  — and everyone who 
types the same will join a global chat channel with you . It is  clunky , but will hold you over until you 
reach that ten silver for green chat.
There’s no such thing as a guild bank
Look at that image from the Stormwind bank —there’s nothing other than tellers and those annoying
ropes I could never jump over. In other words, in WoW Classic there is no such thing as a guild bank.
If you are going to be an active guild,you are going to need a separate character to be the guild bank.
Generally speaking,your guild master will create that character but if you have  bank officer , they can
be responsible for that toon.
This involves huge amount of trust .You are going to have to trust the person holding the account isn’t
going to sell what you give them.There is trust now that people won’t take item  from the bank and sell
them , but with today’s banking system , you can see who it was that withdrew the item . In Vanilla you
gave a character your overflow and just trusted it didn’t wind up in the AH.
This system is also woefully inefficient. You will not have insta-mail in Classic . If you need 3 iron bars
to finish something and you are in Darnassus but the bank toon is in Ironforge , one of you is going to
have to move unless you can wait an hour for mail.Plus, if the owner of the bank character isn’t online
accessibility to guild materials becomes problematic . Expect many requests to meet someone “at the
bank in X” so they can hand off something they want given to their alts.
Bank toons will be limited by the same constraints regular characters are.The highest bag slots will be 
16 . A stack is 20 items and no more . There is no reagents tab on your personal bank so if you will be
considering keeping quite a bit of materials in your bank, be prepared to be out of space.
For guilds,it can help to designate one toon for herb,one toon for leather, one toon for mining ,one toon
for finished goods such as potions, etc.But remember, you are at the mercy of whenever people log on
and the time delay on the mail.
Some things never change
It still takes ten signatures to start a guild . If you are  a current  guild starting a branch in Classic , you
probably have ten people willing to sign your charter.If you are considering  starting  guild from scratch
guild creation idea  are still the same.What kind of guild do you want to be?What are you going to offer
people? Do you have an operational set up — officers, roles, ranks,etc — already in mind so when you
get those signatures,you can hit the ground running?Be prepared to offer money or bags for signatures.
Guild management tool have not changed much but they are limited.Guild control is the same — minus
banking provisions, of course. You control who speaks in chat, rename ranks, promotions , and set who
can invite and kick people.You’re limited in number of guild ranksIf you think upward mobility is bad now
— you get five ranks to start . I recommend a rank for officers and then,well — you are suddenly looking
at limited promotion opportunities.
Designing tabards is still the same . I remember the addition of more icons —  I think in Wrath of the Lich
King — but all the icons available in Classic are available now. Colors and tabard trim are the same. One
whole gold piece is a princely sum so many guilds did not have tabards until  they had been around for at
least 6 months. It was too expensive to get one.
Guilds were the  backbone of the Classic experience. There were mercenaries as there are now ,  but , to
experience everything WoW Classic has to offer you need to be in a guild. If you create your guild with the
same care as you would create one in current content, it will be a fun place to see and experience all guys
have to offer.


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