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WOW Classic Server  is coming this summer, so here is a roundup of everything  that
we  know  about how the game will work so far.The game will not  be  exactly like  we
remember, but it will be close.
Release date and beta testing
WoW Classic is launching with a global release on August 26 at 3pm PDT.It will launch
simultaneously around the world,so the specific release time depend on your timezone.
For Europe, this is August 27 at 12am CEST, while in Australia it’s 8am AEST.
Players with active subscriptions can  reserve up to three character names  starting two
weeks prior to launch. This is also a global opening — the official date is August 13, but
a footnote states the Americas will see it earlier, likely in the afternoon of August 12.
The closed beta started May 15,with stress tests periods planned from May through July.
There are no beta keys and the only way to get into the beta is through the opt-in setting
in your account.Don’t hold out hope for an invite though:beta access is limited compared 
to expansion betas because feedback needs are different.
Blizzard is only looking for feedback for things  that are broken or inaccurate compared to
original WoW, not whether WoW Classic is fun  or balanced. Stress test invites are not for
previewing the game either. It’s meant to purposely overwhelm the game so expect plenty
of issues with the login servers. The stress test periods last for two days each, and have a
dedicated two hour timeframe at the start for official stress evaluation.
Stress test schedule:
  • Stress Test 1: Wed, May 22 – Thurs, May 23
  • Additional Stress Test: Wed, May 29 – Thurs, May 30
  • Stress Test 2: Wed, Jun 19 – Thurs, Jun 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thurs, Jul 18 – Fri, July 19
What will WoW Classic cost?
WoW Classic won’t cost anything extra if you’re already subbed to current WoW. You
won’t need to buy WoW Classic separately, and the content is included with a regular
WoW subscription.

How the game and content will work
The game’s version will be set to patch 1.12,Drum of War,including class balance and
itemization. It will have six  release  phases to replicate the content progression in the
original WoW. Phase 1 will be open on release day,but subsequent phases don’t have
a set time frame yet. They will be  released when the community is ready ,as  Blizzard
does not want people to be  pressured to play or grind fast in order to participate in the
content.Additional content and phase could be added if the game is successful long-ter
m, but are not explicitly planned.
  • Phase 1: Molten Core, Onyxia, Maraudon
  • Phase 2: Dire Maul, Azuregos, Kazzak, Honor System and Dishonorable Kills, PvP
  • Rank Rewards
  • Phase 3: Blackwing Lair,Darkmoon Faire and Darkmoon Faire Decks,Alterac Valley
  • (patch 1.12 version), Warsong Gulch
  • Phase 4: Zul’Gurub, Green Dragons, Arathi Basin
  • Phase 5: Ahn’Qiraj War Effort,Ahn’Qiraj Raids, dungeon loot reconfiguration(Tier 0.5
  • dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates, location changes), possibly PVP vendor updates
  • Phase 6: Naxxramas, Scourge Invasion,World PvP objectives in Silithus and Eastern
  • Plaguelands
WoW Classic will open with fewer servers  to gauge initial demand, and it will have at least
one dedicated role play server. To manage queue times and server stability  during the first
month or so of launch, the game will use a new  technology  called  layering . It is similar to
sharding,but where sharding shunts player off into a new instance of that zone,layering will
spin up new copies of the entire world and fill each one up as players log in.Layering is only
intended to be temporary and will not exist by the time Phase 2 come around,which is when
world bosses are added.If server populations and demand stay high past Phase 1,more and
more servers could be added.
The old character limits will be in place, which is a maximum of 10 characters per server and
50 per account.On PVP servers, you can only have a single faction per realm. The character
limits will not have any overlap with modern WoW— you can have 50 Classic characters and
50 Battle for Azeroth characters.
Anyone who has the original Collector’s Edition will have access to theCE pet in WoW server.
Players back then were able to choose between Panda Cub, Zergling, or Mini Diablo.
How items will work
While content will be released to replicate the progression experience, loot will work a different
way.In the original WoW, loot had progressive itemization,where Blizzard was constantly tweak
gear throughout the game’s  span. Instead of following that  progression and making the  many
changes, the gear in WoW Classic will be set to the final versions they existed as in patch 1.12.
Gear will still be released along the phase timeline  — if it came out in a certain patch,  it will be
included in the equivalent phase — but the itemization will be static.
The modern two hour loot trading window will be present  for  soulbound items in raids, but only
there; it won’t be  available in dungeons at all . During the original WoW, loot disputes were only
handled by Customer Service. Blizzard is making the option available by putting it in the players’
hands with a current game mechanic. Customer Service won’t be transferring any itemsin WoW


Quality of life additions
WoW Classic won’t be a complete replica of the original WoW, but it’s meant to recreate the exp
erience in  modern format.As such,WoW Classic will adopt some modern technical convenience.
  • Modern framework for data storage. It will use the system from patch 7.3.5 in Legioninstead
  • of the original file system.
  • Modern macro and addon interface, though some modern addons may not work.
  • Battle.net friends list integration to stay connected, though players won’t be able to add oppo
  • site-faction friends from the right-click interface.However,communication won’t be limited with
  • Battle.net friends who play on opposite factions.
  • Right-click to report players.
  • Better 4:3 widescreen visuals.
  • Colorblind support.
  • Amory support is planned, but may not be ready at launch.
How it’s different from modern WoW
WoW veteran know the deal.But if you didn’t play during the original WoW and only know howWoW
is now,there are quite few difference and a lot that will be missing.First of all,it will act as a complete
different game as far as content goes—it’s not linked to live game data.The extra bag slot from have
an authenticator are exclusive to the modern game and any progress you make in WoW Classic will
not transfer over to modern WoW. You also won’t be able to play both games at the same time,since
they’re technically on the same WoW license.
Most notably, it will be missing a lot of the quality of life changes that we have gotten used to over the
years.This means that there is no flying,no transmog,no AOE loot,no map objective or quest direction,
no Dungeon Finder, no Raid  Finder, no dual specs, no reagent bank, no instant mail, no mob tagging,
no achievements, no account - wide anything. Phasing will not be present, nor any cross-realm zones.
Running into water will dismount you.Pets and mounts will be physical items you have to carry around,
so I hope you have bag space.


Community and fan additions
WoW Classic will have its own section of the forums. Right now there is a section  for discussionabout
the game’s development. Fans also put together a site to connect  players with their old friends to play
with in WoW Classic. Just go to Vanillafriends.com, fill out your character information and contact info,
and your old friends will be able to look you up.
Wowhead, of course, has a WoW Classic hub and a talent calculator for the Classic talent trees.Thobot
is the original database for WoW and eventually spawned the Wowhead we know now. It will be making
a comeback in the form of Wowhead’ new database:Classic Wowhead.They even have a Thobot theme
for ultimate nostalgia. If you were an Allakhazam fan , you’re not left out either . One of the more helpful
aspects of current  Wowhead is the user comments on item pages detailing important information.  head
has also added that into its Classic database, importing over 237k Allakhazam comments and replies.
And while you wait for WoW Classic’s launch, check out the best races and classes to play,as well as tip
for leveling.

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